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The Arkansas Farm to School Collaborative envisions a future for Arkansas in which every school and community provides a healthy environment for every child. The Collaborative foresees leaders at every level who have developed supportive policies and programs, effective marketing, and streamlined communication and procurement processes to make farm to school an integrated cultural norm.

Farm to school activities include a combination of school gardening, local procurement, and hands-on education on the topics of food, nutrition, and agriculture. This takes place in the school garden, the classroom, and the cafeteria. 

The learning spaces that offer farm to school activities include schools, early childhood education facilities, and alternative learning environments.

Farm to school activities improve public health, strengthen the local economy and communities, improve food access and food abundance for all, and protect the environment.  

In Arkansas…

Arkansas Farm to School Collaborative Members

By 2025, our goal is that 100 percent of schools in Arkansas will have the opportunity to participate in farm to school.

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